Tips for Choosing Hardware Products for Cabinet

Tips for Choosing Hardware Products for Cabinet

When choosing cabinet, people are always paying high attention to style, space or colors. However, cabinet hardware products are usually neglected. Hardware products have significant influence on service life and beauty of cabinet. The followings are tips for choosing hardware products for cabinet.

Hinge is one of essential hardware products for connecting body and door panel of cabinet and it can be closed and opened repeatedly. Door panel has the highest opening frequency. So, the quality of hinge is quite important. Opening effectiveness, durability, nature, smoothness and silence are the basic requirements for hinge. Adjustability is the next. Adjustable extent of up and down, left and right, forward and backward is 2 mm. The minimum opening angle of hinge is 95 degrees and the hinge also should have corrosion resistance and safety. A good hinge is hard to be broken off with hand and has firm reed. No shaking exists in mechanical holds. When hinge is closed to 15 degree, it can rebound automatically. Resilience force is very homogeneous.

Hinge is classified into common hinge and fast-assembling hinge. Fast-assembling hinge can quickly realize separation and combination between body and door panel. The price of fast-assembling hinge is higher than common hinge by 3-4 times. In China, common hinge is used. In foreign countries, fast-assembling hinge is commonly used due to high labor cost of installers. Under such situation, using fast-assembling hinge can save labor cost and the total price can be lower. Different national conditions result in difference on materials.

Hinge having better quality can still be flexible even if it has been opened and closed for thousands of times. Cabinet in corner is installed with two joint hinges, making full use of space.

Slide rail
Mechanical performance and quality of slide rail are next to hinge. Good slide performance should combine stability and weight bearing. Under the condition of rated load, slide rail should not have obvious grating or stucking, having smooth sliding. Slide rail has important influence on using effect and service life of drawer.

Handle should have beautiful shape and refined workmanship. There are no corrosions on metal surface and defects on coating and no rags or edges. Handle is classified into stealth handle and common handle. Aluminum alloy stealth hand is the best, because it does not take up space or hurt people. However, someone considers that stealth handle is not convenient for cleaning.

Cabinet suspension
Cabinet suspension is special assembling unit for installing wall-hung cupboard. Bracket is fixed on the wall and cabinet suspensions are fixed at the two sides of left and right superior angles of cupboard. Suspensions can be positioning adjusted for up and down, forward and backward. Lastly, installing body combiner can ensure fixation quality and using effects.
Requirements for quality of combiner:
Every suspension should bear 50kg of vertical hanging force;
Having three-dimensional regulating function;
Plastic should have inflaming retardant, no cracks or blackspots.

To save cost, some manufacturers may use screws to cross through wall and fix cupboard. The method is neither beautiful nor safety. And it is hard for adjusting position.

Skirting board
The materials used for skirting board include PVC and aluminum. Skirting board is mainly used to prevent sundries from entering into bottom of cabinet. It is also used for beauty. When open skirting board of cabinet, there are four alignment pins at the bottom, supporting cabinet. Every alignment pin should bear force not lower than 100kg. The material of alignment pin should use ABS, so that hardness can meet requirement of bearing. Alignment pin is generally as high as 12cm.

Storage hardware products
Storage hardware products are made of stainless steel, one of hardware products which can make full use of space. Storage hardware products are not only convenient for utilization, but also make kitchen clean. Storage hardware products contain seasoning basket, trilateral drawer basket, all sides drawer basket, corner drawer basket and advanced drawer basket, lifting storage drawer basket, dialing drawer basket, rice bin, garbage can and cutlery tray.

In short, choosing hardware products for cabinet is extremely vital. It not only has impact on service life of cabinet, but also can reduce price.