Stamping is an Important Sector of Metal Forming

Stamping refers to a kind of metal forming methods which external force is applied on sheet and bar through punching machine and stamping mold, making materials cause plastic deformation and separation and acquire workpiece having required shape and dimension. Based on technologies, stamping is classified into cutting process and forming process. Cutting process is also called as blanking, aiming to separating stamping parts from sheet along with contour line, ensuring the quality of separate section. Forming is used to make sheet cause plastic deformation and process into workpiece having required shape and dimensions under the situation that blank is not broken. Blanking, bending, shearing, drawing, bulging, spinning and correction are the main stamping technologies. In actual production, multi-technologies are comprehensively applied in one workpiece.

Stamping is an important sector in metal forming industry, and it is also the basic industry of machinery manufacturing industry. The development degree of stamping reflects to competitiveness of national manufacturing process technique. Car body, underpan, fuel tank and radiator fin of automobile, drum of boiler, shell of container, core silicon steel sheet of electric machine and electric appliance, instrument, household appliance, bike, office machine and living containers require amounts of stamping parts, involving aviation, automobile manufacturing, electronic, instrument and equipment manufacturing industry. Stamping parts have wide application.

In recent years, China attracts attention for it gradually becoming the center of global manufacturing industry and consumption power. In particular, automobile, communication and household appliance or other industries have been highly developed, making demands for metal stamping parts and other parts grow quickly. A large number of transnational enterprises also transmit their matching factories to China, when they are transferring manufacturing of machine to China meanwhile. Purchase quantity of accessories from China is also gradually growing, which promotes Chinese related industry to develop quickly. Under such situation, as one of basic manufacturing industries, Chinese stamping industry is also developed quickly. At present, market of stamping industry in China shows following features: high growth of market volume, large quantity of enterprises, small scale, low industrial concentration, low information degree and technical level, low product quality, various market participants and sufficient market competition.