Core Competitiveness the Key for Mold Puissance

As is known to all, China has already become a mold power. Mold industry has been highly improved and total production of mold ranks the first position around the world. However, China is still a mold power instead mold puissance. The most fundamental distinguish between mold power and mold puissance is not total output. It is the improvement of quality and additional value, integrated innovation of mold brand. Although China has the largest total output of mold in the world, most of molds are still located in medium and low field, having lower technical level and additional value. In contrary, high class mold depends on import. To realize strategic transformation from mold power to mold puissance, Chinese mold industry should change development patterns, paying attention to structural adjustment. Mold enterprises must focus on improving grade of products and reducing manufacturing cost, highly developing products which have high additional value, in pursuit of quality, profession and power. They should create new growth point in Blue Ocean. The primary factors having influence on a national brand value are the overall image of industrial brand and degree of brand industrialization. So, quality and brand of product should be focused. Only through innovation and forming own powerful national brand, Chinese mold industry can take a place in drastic market competition, then, china can be truly into an economic power and brand power. In the future, competition of products will concentrate on core competitiveness no matter domestic and abroad. If Chinese mold industry wants to develop constantly, Chinese enterprises and government should try effort on technology research and innovation.

Experts introduced that the State Council also ranked improving technical level of mold and manufacturing equipment as its key work previously in China. Mold program also contained in functional units (key parts) of national 16 important scientific basic items, showing that mold industry plays a key role in manufacturing.

For long term, China should stimulate domestic especially consumer demand, transferring the pattern of economic growth and changing export oriented growth patterns in the past. For mold manufacturing in China, to realize transformation from mold power to mold puissance, brand and innovation are the keys. A series of Stimulus packages launched by central government for inspiring domestic demand bring opportunities to mold market. How to perform in auto, aviation, medical equipment and new energy, holding the opportunities of the overall invest construction projects of 4 trillion RMB, changing national strategy, emerging industries into orders of mold industry need market segment, locating target customers and diversified operation. Use mold manufacturing as core to adapt the high requirements in auto, household appliances and shipping. Realize product updating, extending product chain and actively providing equipment and product to downstream industries of mold, to meet constantly growing market differentiation. Therefore, Chinese mold enterprises must innovate, establishing their own brand products and powerful brands, to win competition on terminal market.

Moreover, in terms of brand marketing, Chinese enterprises also should be in pursuit of innovation and efficiency. Besides advertisement injecting, channel network and terminal market, internet market also becomes an emphasis. Some enterprises may accelerate the step of marketing, making a great progress in capital layer. Meanwhile, some enterprises will constantly enhance differentiation on brand positioning, such as division on regional markets and medium or high class.